Types of Iberico Hams


The Quality Standard of Iberian Pig approved by government of Spain allow the following types of Iberian hams:

Is the highest quality, best of all the hams in the world. Iberian pigs reared in the pastureland eating natural grasses and acorns.

His curation must be at minimum of 24 months and can reach 48 if the ham is very big. The whole process is controlled and certified by independent bodies to the production company as the D.O. Dehesa de Extremadura, the Control Board of the Extremadura region that boasts the most demanding of all in terms of quality of Iberian products.

Must derive from an Iberian pig fed initially with cereal, then eating acorns and ends with natural grains again. This pig will not give positive on acorns analysis. The elaboration and curing of these hams is the same as the hams of acorn. It is an excellent product if accompanied by a reasonable price. Is much higher quality than any "Patanegra" not Iberico or Serrano ham or white ham. 

Ham Iberian pig bred in the pastureland but do not eat acorns, only natural grasses and cereals. These hams maintain, to a lesser extent, the stylized form that makes recognizable an Iberico Ham. The pigs grow freely running around the pasturelands.

Jamón Ibérico de Cebo
Hams from Iberian pigs fed in stables or fattening farms with feed. The lack of freedom and less exercise done translates into more rounded forms of hams like serrano ham or white ham.

The rest of hams are: Serrano Ham or White Ham.

Alicex only works with Iberian pigs fed freely in the pasturelands
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