Buy Iberian hams Boneless of Spain at factory prices.

Buy Iberian hams Boneless of Spain at factory prices.

Hams of iberian pigs reared at liberty on meadows of Extremadura with acorns and natural grass.

We have created this offer for individual customers or chefs of restaurants:

Iberian Ham Boned and vacuum packed for only 190 euros + shipping cost*.

*France: 20 € - Italy: 25 € - Germany: 20 € - U.K.: 25 € - view other countries
PhOTo: View Iberico Ham entire, boned and sliced
Alicex Hams offers the possibility of buying hams from Iberian pigs reared on free pasture of Extremadura with certified Standard Iberian Quality of Government of Spain. Direct purchase to the producer.

Visit our Online Store and choose the type of ham you want. We select an Iberico Ham of between 7 and 7.5 kilograms, is boned and cleaned, which involves removing the outer bark and bacon that do not need to keep his taste.

The result is a piece of 3.5 Kilograms of exquisite Iberico ham bellota 100% to eat, which immediately is vacuum packaged and gets into cold room at controlled temperature between 0°C and 5°C.

Get to know our Company and take this opportunity to
buy direct from the producer the iberian hams and pork sausages from spain.

Visit our online shop Jamones Alicex to see more products like pate, meats of Iberico pork or Christmas baskets with ham.

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Iberico Hams of Spain

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